Back from Explore EU 2022 – first thoughts

This week I attended VMware Explore Europe. Finally a life event and back in Barcelona.
And for the first time being part of an orange ‘army’ the ITQ workforce.
I had a great time. Getting to know my colleagues, learning some interesting stuff, meeting customers.

Multi cloud

Multi cloud, yeah, you couldn’t have missed it during Explore. It was the buzz word (and even the WIFI password…..) It was no surprise of course. VMware is advertising for years that their vision is to run any application on any infrastructure on any cloud. And even when you think you are not using the bits and bytes from VMware, well there is a good change you still do. Does ring a bell ??

Eventhough compared to the last VMworld in Barcalona, VMware Explore was a bit tuned down, there was still more then enough to do. It just depends on what your focus is. For me this year, I wanted to focus more on cloud native session. And just some session about new features for vSphere. And just merge into the vExpert en Code communities.
Being part of the vExpert community, you had a treat this year if you signed up for a barebone nuc. The nuc, sponsored by Cohesity is going to be a great addition to my homelab and with make life a bit easier for my esxi host.

I will run pfsense on the nuc, so my esxi is dedicated for homelab, and not running also my pfsense. Which gives me more flexibility when upgrading esxi (impact at the moment would be that internet access is down, which is not appreciated at my home 🙂 ). And I don’t have to reserve CPU and memory resources anymore.
But that is for another time, another blog(story).

key takeaways / highlights

My key takeaways / highlights of Explore 2022 are

  1. 90DaysOfDevops by Michael Cade
    Michael shared his journey of discovering DevOps and documented it on github
    My intention is to start the 90DaysOfDevops journey for myself, but also to check it out if it is interesting for sysadmins I encounter. There is a gap to breach for sysadmins, because the way of working is going to be more dev like. But the dev country can look overwhelming. And what I expect of this journey is to get a better understanding and hands on experiences with the DevOps tooling
  2. Accelerating Your Career: The power of Mentoring (PCB2454EUR)
    A great panel discussion about mentorship in a company, which benefits it will give for the company and for its employees.
  3. Keeping a University Medical Centre Running During a VCF Transition (MCLB1452EUR)
    An honest story about the successes and pitfalls of the transition. Co-presented by a buddy of mine.
  4. Buidling and Running Enterprise-Grade Spring Applications in the Cloud (CNAB1953EUR)
    I’ve heard of the Spring framework, but never knew it was a VMware product, and never knew what it was about. Now I do 🙂
  5. How to Be Successful at Modernizing Apps and Data, and the Adoption of Cloud (CNAB2113EUR).
  6. And off topic …. There is a nice grill restaurant somewhere in Barcelona… I’ve marked the spot …..

What are your key take aways of VMware Explore 2022 , and why ?

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